The Process

First, we discuss your project in-depth, define the requirements and goals, then determine the correct approach, timeline, and budget, and get to work!
We learn about your business and its’ needs, gather information, and get inspired.
Create wireframes and a clickable prototype, planning the website structure.
Design a concept, finding the right look and feel for the new website.
Create designs for all pages in Figma, revise, and polish.
Design Process
Implement the website with Webflow or WordPress for convenient management.
Development Process
Test the website thoroughly on major devices and browsers, fixing bugs and errors.
QA Process
Move the final website to your account or hosting, and, finally, go live!
Ready Website
Happy Clients

We always deliver.
Proven by our work.
Trusted by people.

4.7 out of 5 stars
"Fast, good & expensive!"
Rudolphe Aben
"Had a great time working with Celeart. Vadym and his team were very competent and responsive. I look forward to working on many more projects."
Farrukh Hasanov
CEO, HasanovCapital
"Celeart was very professional every step of the way."
CEO, Mriya
"The best in the business."
Vadim Kouznetsov
CEO, Setai
"I was blown away by their expertise in branding and product design."
Keywan Hassani-Pak
Head of Bioinformatics
"celeart is one of the best website development companies I've ever met in my 10-plus year career."
Wilson Dong
Marketing Director, Gausium
"Hands down one of the BEST designers i have ever worked with. Will absolutely keep using them!!"
Vinny Troia
CEO, Night Lion Security
"I was blown away by their expertise in branding and product design."
Christian Hyka
Managing Partner, Survalyzer
"I am impressed by the responsiveness and team spirit."
Ruslan Valiyev
CEO, Smidige
"Great Agency to work with! Always deliver on time with perfect results. Highly recommended!"
Shai Zrihan
CEO, Site123

Tools and Tech

A website usually requires a team effort - web & graphic designers, developers, QA, and art director, expertly utilizing various tools and technologies.

Frequently Asked

You’ll probably find an answer to your question here. If you’re still not sure or want to clarify something, just drop us a line at

Do I have to then pay for maintenance?

Optionally. We can hand everything over to you, and then you deal with domain & hosting payments yourself, or we can manage everything for you if you don't want to deal with it. If you want regular tweaks and website updates, you can hire us for a monthly retainer.

Why do I need a website?

Wake up, it's 2023 here. The website is like your business's storefront, but online. You have to be there for people to find you. And for people to check you for legitimacy. There's no way around it. In this day and age, if you have a business, practice, or do freelance, you better have a website.

What if I don’t have any branding yet?

It'sx best to design a website after the brand is established. So, if you have none yet, we can start with that first. However, if you don't feel like it's important for you at this stage but you need a website ASAP, we can create the website without it.

Can I have multiple concepts and revisions?

Usually, when the goal is clearly defined, we know exactly what we gotta do, so we create 1 concept, sometimes 2, and then we revise them as much as necessary with your feedback until it gets perfect. Sometimes, we change direction. Then, we design the rest of the pages. So yeah, you get revisions and concepts.

I'm not sure if this is the approach I need...

If you don't feel like getting into a fixed-priced contract because you anticipate your requirements to change midway or you're unsure of what you actually need, we can instead work on an hourly/weekly basis. This way, we just track the time as we go and you pay only for the hours that we work, allowing for a flexible and fluid approach. We also have a subscription service coming soon. Reach out via

Who is it for? Is it right for me?

It's for any business, regardless of whether you're a hi-tech digital startup or brick & mortar grocery store, you will definitely benefit from getting a bespoke website designed & built, and tailored with your requirements and goals in mind. It is right for you if you're serious about it; however, if you want just to throw some change at this problem, we suggest getting a template instead.

What’s included with my website? What do I get?

You get a bespoke website expertly designed in Figma and eventually built in Webflow or Wordpress. So you get a custom, fast, and modern website that does its job - gets you presented online in a great way. We can help with the domain and hosting too, if you don't have them.

How long does it take to create a website?

One-pagers can take a week or two to design & build, small to medium websites generally take ~4 weeks, and bigger or more complex or highly interactive websites can take a couple of months to launch. It also depends on you a lot - we will need your feedback and approvals at certain stages.

What if I don’t like the result?

We'll make sure you do! Due to the irreversible nature of our services, we cannot offer refunds. So we do our best to deliver a great product and make you happy. We're also okay with installment payments, so you have the option to stop anytime (which never happens🤞).

Copyrights. Do I fully own everything?

All yours, but we reserve the right to proudly display the work on our website, social media, and other publications.