It takes
many, many

Even though we focus on just two key services, they’re pretty complex and require proficiency in many skills.

Without these, we couldn’t have possibly made great websites or well thought-through brand identities.

Logo & Branding 8
1-2 weeks

Well, it’s a no-brainer. How would anyone recognize, distinguish, and remember you without a logo?

Services Gausium logo
1 week

A document that outlines brand usage rules is required to apply your brand identity consistently.

Brand Duidline cvoer
2 days

Social media profiles are a must, and each requires design - LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Services Social Media Branding
2 days

Every business’ essentials usually include business cards, letterheads, invoices, envelopes, etc.

Services stationery branding

T-shirts, hoodies, caps, hats, staff uniform and other wearables to put on your team and fans.

Services merchandaise
1 week

PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other decks you may use to present or pitch in front of people.

1 week

Brochures, leaflets, promo flyers and other printable collaterals for your business, exhibitions and ads.

Services bussiness cards
Web & UX/UI Design 7
3 days

Highly converting lead generation pages or one-page websites with a single objective.

Services Ladning Pages
1 month

Websites of any scale and complexity, fully responsive, easy to navigate and manage, with excellent performance.

2 weeks

Highly interactive art-directed promotional websites, with custom graphics and animations.

Services-Promo Websites

iOS and Android mobile apps custom-designed for your cause with your branding. We don't develop them, though 🤷

Services - Mobile Apps

UX, wireframing and prototyping for complex dashboards and other web or native applications.

Services UX Design

Beautiful and meaningful UI for complex dashboards and other web or native applications.

Services Beautiful UI
Development 3

Website coding starts with markup - these two always come together, accompanied by some JavaScript.

Css Code development

Most of our websites are integrated with WordPress CMS for convenient editability and extensive functionality.

Word Press Development interface

Simple or small websites without complex functionality we generally build this way; it’s just so awesome!

Webflow Development Interface