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01. logo

Bold and Clean

Betting niche required a distinguishable logo with a simple yet memorable icon. We chose a very bold, modern and clean font and created an icon as an active human silhouette which resembles the platform's emphasis on sport, evokes a sense of freedom. Two solid crisp colors define the brands further palette. Simple tagline makes a statement.

02 . Fonts & colors


by Google Fonts

Gill Sans

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • 0123456789


by Google Fonts


  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • 0123456789
  • #73af00
  • #507a00
  • #8ed800
  • #111213
  • #2d3236
  • #505358
  • #969696
  • #aeaeae
and more shades of gray...

03 . Icons

31 Sport Icons

04 . interface

Welcome Screen

Registration - Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Final Step

Home Page

All the betting at your fingertips


Live feed widget displays the recent winnings with names and amounts, makes the homepage alive and improves credibility.


Structure is simple to navigate through. Every category is easily accessible. Top and hot games are all on the homepage prominently presented along with the banners that display special offers and featured games. Top bar shows faded legal links and infos, along with the languages and sleek login/register fields.


Make bets, track events

Betting Slip

The interface is neatly structured so it's nice to ready and understand all the details. Each sport shows top events and popular bets, after gathering all the info use the betting slip to configure the details and place a bet - easy and quick.

All sports

Choose between a variety of presented sports and bet on any game that you're into. Navigate fast and seamlessly.

Card promotions:

React to the temporary special promos that urge you to take action before the offer expires.

Card promotions

A business card without an address also does not comply with the etiquette (exclusion from diplomats and senior government officials).

Card promotions

A business card without an address also does not comply with the etiquette (exclusion from diplomats and senior government officials).


Play games online on-site, integrated straight into the interface so you never have to leave and break immersion.

My account

Manage your details

Make a Deposit

A popup widget allows to quickly pick a payment method, enter the details and pick or enter an amount to deposit funds.

Make a Withdraw

Choose a payment method in this little widget to withdraw your balance.

05 . Mobile version

Game Card

See the game image, title, likes and other basic details.

Bet Card

In addition to the normal game card see the min and max bet amounts.

All Screens

Native responsiveness


Quickly add or subtract the amount, or just trash the thing.

Account Balance

See your current balance and points, withdraw or deposit immediately.


Responsive tables are easy to view on any device

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