Desktop Dashboard (material Design)

Board Management Reinvented

Benjamin, a Co-Founder at startup, came up with an awesome idea and reached out to us to design a paperless board management tool.


Companies have always struggled with managing board meetings - it's hard to keep everyone up to date and in sync, the docs are a mess, the communication is all over the place. Digiboard is meant to solve all of these issues by bringing all the board management processes into digital space.

Our goal was to make the interface very friendly for every potential user, so we went for a clean and airy look with Material, convenient functional tiles, bold fonts, business oriented but bright colors, subtle touches of animation and illustrations to keep things fun. Below is what we end up with.

Fonts & Colors


Primary Colors



Medium 24 px


Medium 20 px


Regular 20 px


Medium 18 px


Regular 18 px


Regular 16 px

The app had to appeal to broad business audiences, keep it serious and official to fit into every company environment, without being intimidating but also being modern, cool and fun to stand out from the competition. We chose a blue-gray color palette with a touches of accent orange. The font of choice is Roboto - clean and contemporary Google typography.



To inject a bit of fun and personality into the design language we created a bunch of illustrations, then turned them into animations to make it even more engaging.

Functionality & Experience


Digitizing Scheduling and Processes

A dashboard is a one place to see all your past and upcoming committee meetings, their statuses and details, quickly access and edit them.



List of All Events

A manager can conveniently see and manage events across multiple Accounts and Committees, access all the important details, edit or delete events. All events on one screen yet neatly sorted for effective management.


Governance & Committee Management

Organize your committees according to the natural and legal persons who compose them by attributing members’ roles and responsibilities to decision process.

Document Management

Folders and Files

See all of your docs and files sorted by Accounts and Committees, organize and centralize all the documents and boardpacks associated with the meetings carried out. Inspired by Google's best practices.

And More...

Create and run Meetings and Agendas, manage Minutes and Memos, engage everyone who's involved through invitations, confirmations and comments, edit profile.. The functionality covers pretty much everything necessary to manage board meetings effortlessly with a modern and clean UI, easy to approach UX that is self explanatory and doesn't require much explanation which saves loads of time during integration and onboarding.

Check Digiboard live at